• Ryan Walker

Idea of Success Creation = Obsession

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Success = Directed Goal Setting + Sustained Effort + Work

It's a formula. The things you want in life are CREATED by you.

If you want a healthy body, a nice physique, if you want to improve your brain function, or cure anxiety, if you want to generate wealth in the form of monetary abundance or the freedom to travel whenever you want, then you WANT to start creating your Upward Spiral.

Hard work must be present. You must constantly set goals.

And you must consistently be bringing effort to perform the work and achieve your goals. No one is coming to give you things. No one will hand you wealth. No one will give you health. You must CREATE all of them. Create your Success.

The Upward Spiral is me putting these ideas into my own life and creating my own success, live, posted to this website. Follow along and create YOUR Upward Spiral.

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