The information and advice on the Upward Spiral is governed by the following principles. The overall goal is to provide the most honest, tried, and researched opinions I can. This way, I seek to provide value and enrich peoples' lives. 


Remember - Success isn't a matter of luck - it's Created.

Meticulously, I study successful people with the purpose of creating success myself. I spend about 50 hours on each principle studying it, then 100 hour thinking about it. A few more hours are spent creating a YouTube video and writing about it. I apply the principles to my own life and only when success is evident, I communicate this on my website. My enormous efforts are curated into a  resource for the benefit of others.. I hope to enable readers and incestors to create success in their lives.


Anything the investor wants to know including the safety of their capital, the process of the investment, the targets set out by me, and more can all be found out simply by contacting me. I will provide full disclosure of the source of the capital and the destination. All my investments are strategic with specific plans and targets in mind. 

Everything is done legally with a professional team of lawyers, brokers, dealers, accountants, and investors. Every transaction is documented and archived for future retrieval. Every communication has a paper trail and benefits from easy access.